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Beauty Sleep Package

$60.00 USD $70.00 USD

Your beauty sleep just got even more beautiful with Positive Hotel's "Beauty Sleep" package. All it takes is a drop of our immunity-boosting Immunity Boost Drops
and application of our Collagen + Vitamin Duo on the skin before bedtime. 

What's included in the package?

Collagen + Vitamin Duo
Immunity Boost Drops


drop    Skin Vitality, Nail & Hair Health

drop    Boost Immunity and Enhance Stamina  



Our Collagen+Vitamin Duo features a capsule of collagen with a liquid shot of vitamins B7, C and biotin replenishes and strengthens the hair, skin and nails overnight and a few drops of the Immunity Boost Drops in your drink of choice before bed will improve your immunity and give you stamina. With this package your beauty sleep just got even more beautiful.

Package Product Benefits

  • - Anti-Aging
  • - Healthy Hair & Nails
  • - Skin Vitality

  • - Reduce Fatigue
  • - Immunity Boosting
  • - Soothe the Mind

How the products work?

- Helps with anti-aging by firming and hydrating the skin with Fast absorbing Low-molecular-weight Collagen peptide (LMWCP), otherwise known as marine collagen
- Helps keep your hair shiny, nails strong, and skin healthy and helps metabolize carbs and fat into energy with Biotin, also known as viamin B-7
- Boosts your immune system but also makes collagen and brightens your complexion with Vitamin C
- Helps energize the body and enhance stamina with royal jelly Helps boost immunity with ginger, burdock extract and oregano extract
- Helps refresh the mind and body with peppermint extract, which is rich in magnesium and iron

How to use?

- Take 2 drops a day, directly onto your tongue, or mixed into any food or drink of your choice.
- Take up to 4 drops depending on your need.

- Take a kit (10 ml liquid + 1 tablet) per day.
- The liquid kit should be consumed right after you fold back the parts marked “OPEN” and “FLEX.”
Peel off the foil on the back of the tablet and take it with the liquid, or water.
- We recommend taking a serving right before snoozing for a boost in your beauty sleep!
- Keep your kits at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

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